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Cosmetics put on a thousand-year-old ceramic coat: "use" culture into life

Update: 04-08-2016

Mirrors, lipsticks, eyebrow pencils, foundation boxes, […]

Mirrors, lipsticks, eyebrow pencils, foundation boxes, and cosmetic bags... this exhibit called "Slim Lady" is a set of cosmetics from a distance, and when you look closer, you can see that they are all covered with a thousand-year-old colored pottery coat, which is not only stylish, but also It feels "very cultural" and more "face-saving" to use. This is the work designed by the students of the Art College of Gansu University of Political Science and Law in the "Push Pottery and Create New" cultural and creative products exhibition recently. The college students merged ancient patterns with modern elements to turn them into things commonly used by people for food, clothing, housing and transportation. Culture reappears in the vision of modern people, and integrates into the culture of the new era with a brand new look.