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How to store and use cosmetics correctly?

Update: 04-08-2016

Sun protection It is not advisable to put cosmetics in […]

Sun protection

It is not advisable to put cosmetics in direct sunlight or light, such as putting cosmetics outside, on the balcony, next to the dressing lamp, etc.

Light exposure may cause cosmetics to evaporate moisture, lose activity of certain ingredients, and deteriorate.

In particular, ultraviolet rays have strong penetrating ability, which will cause chemical changes in certain substances in cosmetics.

Some ingredients in skin care products are easily oxidized under sunlight, which will affect the properties of the products, leading to delamination and separation of oil and water in milky products. In addition, some plastic packaging products may deform and release harmful substances.

Try to store the cosmetics in a cool place and avoid light. You can put the products that are not in use in the drawer, do not remove the packaging, do not open the seal, to avoid affecting the product efficacy.

Moisture proof

Humid environment is a breeding ground for bacteria, and some cosmetics containing protein and lipids are prone to bacteria reproduction and mildew in a humid environment.

Many people like to put cosmetics in the bathroom, and the bathroom is generally humid, which is not conducive to the moisture-proof preservation of cosmetics. When the product is placed in the bathroom, keep the bathroom ventilated, and cover the lid immediately after use.

The product should be placed in a ventilated and dry place. At the same time, it is recommended to use the product within 3-4 months after unpacking. The active ingredient in the skin care product is too long to be unpacked. The activity of the active ingredient in the product is reduced, which affects the use effect of the product and is easy to breed bacteria.

Anti-high temperature and low temperature

When the storage environment is below zero, it is easy to cause skin care products to freeze and crack, and the emulsification system is destroyed and water and oil separation occurs, resulting in poor product stability and loss of original efficacy.

When the storage environment is higher than 35 degrees, the excessively high temperature will easily cause the activity of the active ingredients in the product to decrease, the shelf life will be shortened, and the deterioration and odor will appear. When the indoor temperature is too high, the product is recommended to be stored in the refrigerator, and the temperature of the refrigerator should not be too low!

Facial masks, oil-free gels, lotions, etc. can be used after refrigeration in the refrigerator. When refrigerating, they should be placed in the lowest layer of the fresh-keeping area, not in the freezer.

It is recommended to use oligopeptide freeze-dried powder at one time. If a bottle is used for a long time, it is recommended to store it in the refrigerator. Please strictly follow the instructions on the specific product use method. If you have any questions, you can consult the exclusive teacher.


When using jar cream, clean your hands before taking the product, or use a tool instead of your hand to dip it to prevent secondary contamination of the cream.

After each use, you should cover the bottle in time, and do not expose it to the air for a long time to prevent the cosmetics from evaporating and bacterial invasion and reproduction.

If you take too much, you can apply it to other parts of the body such as neck and hands. Do not put the excess part back into the bottle to avoid contamination of the cosmetics.

It is best not to share cosmetics with others, especially lip and eye cosmetics, which are prone to risk of cross infection.