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Analysis on the application prospect of ceramic packaging in cosmetics packaging

Update: 04-08-2016

Analysis of the application prospects of ceramic packag […]

Analysis of the application prospects of ceramic packaging in cosmetics packaging and health care product packaging In recent years, with the booming liquor market, ceramic wine bottles with traditional Chinese characteristics have gradually attracted market attention. Ceramic packaging has gradually opened up the market in wine bottles and vases.

However, the packaging prospects of ceramic bottles are far from this alone. We believe that ceramic bottles will gain markets in more areas in the future. First of all, in the cosmetic bottle market, the simple style conveyed by ceramic cosmetic bottles is favored by domestic cosmetics companies and increasingly popular with consumers.

Of course, to be able to achieve breakthroughs in other fields, ceramic bottles still have many technical problems that need to be broken through, because cosmetics and health care products have certain technical parameter requirements in terms of sealing, air permeability, and light transmission. , This is the need to improve the ceramic bottle packaging.