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Ningbo zuopplastics co., LTD.

Ningbo zuopplastics co., LTD. Is located at no.127 yucai east road, fangqiao industrial park,yuyao city,We area professional design and production of all kinds of cosmetics packaging and plastic products enterprises. The company's leading products are vacuum bottle series, plastic botle series, pump head, acrylic, ceramic and other cream and emulsion packaging products.

Company can quickly achieve a variety of product design, development, mold manufacturing,injection molding, ceramic bottle molding, at the same time can provide cosmetics packaging required for hot stamping, screen printing, ultrasonic welding, vacuum coating, UV coating, the frosting surface treatment such as all kinds of special craft manufacture, has formed a set of comprehensive quality assurance system of production!

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24 years in the cosmetics packaging industry


More than 200 employees


Annual production capacity exceeds 3 million bottles


Products serve many well-known brand customers in more than 49 countries and regions


Celadon Series

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Quality assurance

Variety of products

Attentive service


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